Preparing for NEPR

Next Friday and Saturday I will be attending the New England Portfolio Reviews, a yearly event hosted by two amazing photography organizations: the Photographic Resource Center and the Griffin Museum of Photography. After volunteering at the NEPR for the previous two years, I have finally gotten the kick in the butt to sign up to have my new series reviewed.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy preparing: shooting, developing film, making the selections of what to print, printing in the darkroom after work (thank you to Paul at Panopticon!) , flattening prints, analyzing the prints, and repeating. The process is slow working in the darkroom but I sure do love it.

My work will be reviewed by six people and I am really looking forward to receiving feedback on my new and ongoing series (that I have yet to name.....). I will also be participating in the Portfolio Walk on Saturday June 8 at 5pm. It is free and open to the public at The Boston University Photonics Center 8 Saint Mary’s St., Boston, MA 02215, please join us!

Hopefully I will have good news to report after the reviews! Until then, here are some photos of me working along the way.