"Art on Board"

What's it like to get ready for your first solo show at a museum? Well lets see..... it can only be described as "WOAH". From the moment Jessica Roscio told me she wanted to show my work at the Danforth Museum I have been thinking it wasn't real, some how there was a mistake and this wonderful thing couldn't really truly be happening. After I pinched myself a bunch of times (and had multiple pep talks from family & friends), I realized it wasn't a dream I got myself into go-time mode. It started with the editing. I brought Jessica close to 100 small prints and we worked on editing it down to 20.

The selection of images were from an ongoing project that I think started around 2012 but really took shape the following year. This was my first time working with a curator and I am thrilled it was with Jessica. She is such a fantastic person with great energy and passion for the art world. After the selection came the fun part, printing. I love being in the darkroom so this was the best part of the deal for me. Yes there were frustrating moments, but most of the time I got to crank up the music, dance around and really zone in on each print.

So from September until February I printed. And then reprinted. I scanned my film to make digital files. I updated my website. I shot a video with friend, filmmaker, and drummer Frank Hegyi. I had mailers made. And then I had a framing day with my friend and bad ass framer, Georgia Harden. Putting together 20 mattes and frames is no easy task and I am grateful to Georgia for helping me out.

While I was driving to the Danforth to drop off all my framed work, I was thinking that I should invent a new bumper sticker: "Art on Board". I'm sure most artists have felt their stress level go up when it comes time to deliver their work to the gallery space. There was a huge sense of relief after I got there, unloaded, and all the images were accounted for. Two thumbs up.

Tomorrow night is the members reception. I am excited and to be honest overwhelmed. I create art because I enjoy doing it and I feel bare without it. The opportunity to share my work with others is one of the best things that has happened to me. Not only is it amazing to have an exhibition at the Danforth, this whole experience has taught me so much about the art world and what it takes to call yourself a working artist. It has pushed me to not only create more art but start to look at the business side as well.

I recently read Crusade For Your Art by Jennifer Schwartz and her ending remarks sum up exactly how I feel right now: